SAG Awards 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last night at the SAG Awards, the trends seemed to be white gowns, sparkly sequins, a mix of halter & off the shoulder dresses. 

However, my favorites were Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab (she always manages to wow the red carpet!), Sarah Hyland in custom Vera Wang (love the beaded bodice and the tulle - she looks so whimsical and age appropriate), Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan Atelier (adorable that she showed off her "love hand" on E!'s mani cam), and Reese Witherspoon in Giorgio Armani (she looks absolutely flawless).
Who were your favorites?

P.S. Congrats to Miss Colombia for winning Miss Universe!

Room Escape Adventure

Friday, January 23, 2015

My friends & I wanted to try something new, and I discovered Room Escape Adventures. The current theme features a "zombie", chained within the locked room. A group, of at most 12 people, need to search the room for clues and solve these challenging puzzles - in order to find the key that will open the door to freedom. Every 5 minutes, the zombie's chain extends a foot which makes it harder to navigate around the room for fear of not getting touched.

It reminds me of that game you play when you're younger, trying not to touch the floor because it's "lava", and you manage to get around by climbing over chairs and tables. However, here of course, you can touch the floor and you get to solve these brain teasers. Apparently, the chance of succeeding is 21%, and a group of Yale students solved it in record time of 52 minutes. (You only get one hour).

We almost had it, if we were given another 2 minutes, but the timer went off right before we were able to get the master key. Andres & I went with our friends Natasha & Gurbir, but we were put into a group of strangers. It was a lot of fun doing it together while learning how to work alongside random people. It's definitely an experience, and we're hoping to catch their next theme so we could try it again!


Tasty Thursdays: Lafayette NYC

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just before Christmas, we had a work holiday lunch at a nearby venue, Lafayette. It has such a sophisticated palette with a casual vibe. To start, the salmon tartare was heavenly, which we couldn't get enough of! We were basically licking it off our plates. For our main course, most of us went with the mouthwatering hanger steak - it was perfectly juicy. Others enjoyed their chicken salad, but I was also eying the linguini, which looked equally yummy.

For dessert, we all ate it up before I even remembered to take a picture! They offered a range of sorbets & ice cream as well as seasonal pastries and cakes.

Most days, it's the perfect spot for a weekend brunch or even a quick stop for coffee & breakfast.

Skype Ambassador & Moment Makers Dinner

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The other night, Andres & I attended a Skype Moment Makers dinner party, hosted by Skype Ambassadors. We enjoyed blueberry mojitos and caipirinhas for cocktail hour, while mingling with other moment makers. For dinner, we were treated to a fun jamming session by Skype Music Ambassador Frank Bell. Later on in the night, he teamed up with his friend Albe Harlow over Skype for a duet - I'm certainly impressed with the timeliness of the sounds over Skype.

As for food, Skype Food Ambassador Tom Le Mesurier, located in Brazil, actually taught the venue's kitchen how to make the delicious meals via Skype. We devoured pulled oxtail with watercress over a sourdough crouton, a Brazilian shrimp stew with coconut milk & rice (I'm allergic to shellfish, so they prepared a vegetarian version for me, which was absolutely scrumptious!), and ended with vanilla tapioca pudding with cachaca and blueberry reduction.

We were all gathered mainly to support a silent auction, where all proceeds will go toward the Skype Moment Makers Social Good initiative.

Hello 2015 - Holiday Recap

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hello, hello! How were your holidays?
Mine has been equally crazy and relaxing. Christmas was spent with my family and Andres's family.
Washington Square Park, Christmas morning
Cooper, you can follow him on Instagram @kittyc0oper
Note, Cooper's butt in the tree. Ha! He climbed up there as if on cue.
Shortly after - sick in bed. There has been a terrible bug going around. Fortunately, I was able to get better just in time for New Year's where I split it with my family, then to a friend's apartment in Jersey City. We played a ton of games, including our favorite - Cards Against Humanity.
They had an incredible view of the city, where we enjoyed the Times Square festivities from the comfort of their couch on TV and through the window.

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? 
Mine is to finally start blogging regularly again!

The New Metaphor by Sears

Monday, November 17, 2014

Loving the new look of the New Metaphor Collection at Sears. You may remember seeing an Instagram post or my mention at the InStyle Celebrate in Style event recently. At the event, they showed off pieces from their collection so we were able to see them all close up. I feel as though their look has become a lot trendier with better quality over the years. The looks are great for the modern woman, especially for the busy New Yorker. I mean, who really wants to carry an extra bag while commuting? It's great that some of these pieces can take you easily from day to night (so convenient!), and all it really takes is a swipe of lipstick, change of shoes, or swapping out a piece of the look.Their new collection also includes amazing accessories, handbags, and shoes. I personally have my eye on their color block jacket - so perfect for the colder seasons. They also have this fit and flare lace dress, which would be so pretty for the holidays.

In this post, I'm wearing their Tweed & Faux Leather Moto jacket paired with a super comfortable but so chic elastic waist pants. At work, I'm used to either wearing a dress/skirt or just jeans, since I do work in a pretty casual environment. That, and it's also hard finding work petite pants that fit but don't look too uptight for our office. These pants, in this wine color (which also comes in black), is great for office attire. It has roomy pockets without the big bulges. 

Of course, I'm absolutely loving the jacket and can definitely see myself wearing this a lot. The weather has been really on and off lately, and this is warm without being too bulky. It's a versatile jacket that can complete your look paired with pants, jeans, and even a fun dress. You can even throw on some sneakers for a sporty touch.

Presented by Sears


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today's song is "Unbreakable" by Jamie Scott.