Teavana Iced Tea

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The team at Teavana recently sent me an iced tea kit - absolutely perfect for the warmer weather. It included the brewing pitcher, two beautiful tea cans, a packet of rock sugar, and two delicious flavors. I received the Raspberry Limeade herbal blend as well as the Pineapple Berry Blue tea blend. Both smell amazing, by the way. For this post, I opted to try the Pineapple Berry Blue flavor. The whole process was so easy to do and didn't take a lot of time. Perfect timing since today is National Iced Tea Day!

I added the tea blend into the pitcher (depends on how much you want to serve), then added boiling water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. I actually let it cool for a little bit longer, then had a glass-filled pitcher ready. What's SO easy about this is that you just have to hover the pitcher over the glass or pitcher and push down. It will automatically pour. To stop, all you have to do is lift it. (A short video clip is posted on my Twitter account / or if you follow me on Snapchat: audreyallure, you probably also saw the short snap).

I drank this with a couple of people on a warm night and it was definitely the ideal refresher. This is so perfect for sharing with friends/family over a weekend BBQ, picnic, or even poolside. Most likely. I'll be using this a lot during the summer!

I'm teaming up with Teavana to give away a set to a lucky reader! (Open to US readers only.) Enter below:
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P.S.Participating Teavana stores are offering a free 16oz glass of pineapple berry blue (today, June 10), so you can try it for yourself, and check out their large selection of flavors!

Bateaux New York

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

For my 25th birthday (May 15), my boyfriend Andres wanted to treat me to a dinner cruise, on the Bateaux. Our initial schedule was slated for the 16th, and we decided to drive into the city instead of taking the train. We were going to be just on time for boarding, but unfortunately there was a major accident in addition to a nearby street festival, and we ended up completely missing the entire the thing. It left the pier 20 minutes before we finally arrived. Even though we were disappointed, I thought it was a good sign for us since it ended up pouring during the night.

Fortunately, the team at Bateaux allowed us to reschedule and we went for the 23rd. This time, it went smoothly and it was bright & sunny. I wore this gorgeous dress, handmade by my talented friend Tanuka (a birthday gift from her).

I was surprised with a bouquet of red roses, and we had a bottle of wine ready for us by our amazing window seats. Staff was friendly on board, and loved our waiter! There was a jazz band playing covers throughout the night, and luckily we were on the side of the boat where we could properly view the band play. The food was delicious. I started with the beet & goat cheese salad, had the Moroccan chicken (was sooo good, I tried to savor it but ended up eating it so quickly). I finished it off with the classic New York cheesecake, and they sweetly added a candle for my birthday. There were big breaks in between courses so we went outside on deck to take in the view our beloved city, and watch the sunset. It never gets old. It was definitely a fun birthday to remember.

Jungwon at Night

Friday, May 29, 2015

I wore this amazing jacket after a night out on a belated birthday cruise Andres took me on. It was the perfect lightweight jacket needed for a summer-like night. It also helped with the wind blowing out on the deck of the boat. Jungwon makes durable, breathable, windproof & waterproof jackets, and it held true to its word. I did get accidentally splashed a little while on board, and by the end of the night it looked like I just walked out of my house from the beginning of the night - you couldn't even tell. The jacket also has these great big pockets, perfect for being on the go.

Visit to Jungwon

Thursday, May 28, 2015

First of all, congrats to Densyia for winning the Teavana In Bloom Collection in my last giveaway!

I recently visited the Jungwon NYC store, beautifully located by City Hall. I did see a couple of their fashion shows during Nolcha Fashion Week for a few seasons, so it was nice to be up close to the gorgeous array of jackets. Jungwon's outerwear are all waterproof, windproof, wrinkle-free, and breathable. It's definitely the winning combination for unpredictable weather here in New York. I tried on a few different styles and there were so many great looks to try from.

This jacket was one of my favorites - I love the rope-like waist closure. It's such a simple detail that elevates it to a whole new look. I ended up getting this jacket, and stay tuned for my next post to see how I wore it!

The Girl on the Train

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I recently read, The Girl on the Train, as I was looking for another juicy thriller, and this book seemed to pop up a lot. Claimed to be as good as Gone Girl, I decided to give it a shot. To be honest, personally it felt a bit slow for me in the beginning, and I was waiting for those edge-of-my-seat moments. Once it picked up its pace, it started to get good. I just couldn't put it down. It's written from different perspectives of a few characters, which gives us a deeper glance at these various lives to fully understand the whole story. I can't really say much since I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it, and it's really best read spoiler-free. However, if you don't mind, some spoilers are up ahead after the jump.

Jane Iredale Mystikol

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You know how much I love Jane Iredale makeup, and I was excited to try out these babies! Pictured, are Jane Iredale's Mystikol - a highlighter and eyeliner in one. Only $20, it gives you a soft, creamy blend perfect for a smoky eye look. It's fairly easy to apply with soft applicators. I have the more natural tones, great for every day wear. Although, it does come in brighter colors like aquamarine to deep royal blue.

When worn, it feels light and stays for a long time without having to reapply. These will be one of my favorite summer beauty products!

Teavana In Bloom + Giveaway!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Teavana offers a large variety of different teas - from white teas, green teas, to herbal, chai, and black. There's even a few tea bars in the city, and I was lucky enough to visit one recently to learn about various brewing techniques and sampling the delicious cups of tea. We were also treated to a brief sit-down, where we given ideas on party decor inspiration + DIYs.

The In Bloom Collection, is perfect for any occasion, but most fitting for Mother's Day. It includes a 32oz tea pot, 2 decorative tea tins includes flowering pineapple and lemon marigold blossom white teas. The teas are hand tied in the traditional Chinese way, and it makes it easy to brew.

Boil up water, place one of the tea balls into the strainer that comes with the tea pot, pour the water and let it brew. The ball will then blossom beautifully, and when it's ready you can pour for drinking.
It may be late for Mother's Day, but it's still a perfect gift for mom. I'm teaming up with Teavana to give one of you lucky readers a chance to win your own In Bloom Collection!

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