Jane Iredale's Country Weekend

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Last week, I was invited upstate in Bedford, NY for a countryside dinner. It was themed based on Jane Iredale's newest collection, called Country Weekend. It features a limited edition getaway eye shadow kit ($58), a jelly jar gel eyeliner in Espresso ($28), and a Just Kissed lip and cheek stain in Forever Peach ($25). The eye shadow palette includes highly pigmented shades perfect for any skin tone and is set in a rose gold mirrored compact. It's perfect for everyday wear as it really goes with everything. The Espresso gel eyeliner is a shimmery brown grey and gives a defining dark line, but still is a softer look rather than a harsh black. Best of all, it's water resistant. My favorite from the bunch is the lip and cheek stain. One, for its versatility. Second, for the beautiful color. It enhances the skin's unique undertone and natural coloring, while moisturizing at the same time.
We were transported to the Bedford Post Inn, which was absolutely beautiful upon arrival. It was a cozy spot - perfect for a city escape. Fortunately, we had better weather then (lately it's been snowing & freezing cold, including today!).
We walked in and were able to view the collection up close and even have makeup touch ups utilizing the collection. It was nice to actually try it while viewing & learning about the products. Later on, we were treated to a cooking demo, where we were able to watch and actually try to make handmade ravioli.

The cooking demo was fun, but good thing we were served the real deal later (done by professionals!). It was SO scrumptious, a few of us actually requested an extra plate to share even more! My mouth is still watering over it. If anything, that would probably be the reason I visit back. Seriously.

We were also kindly treated to a wine pairing with both dishes. A white wine with our beet salad, and a lovely red with our main dish. The other entree option featured halibut - I sampled it from a fellow blogger who sat next to me that ordered it, and it was equally delicious.

Chubby Lip Tints

Saturday, February 28, 2015

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@audreyallure), you probably have seen my post on those Jing Ai chubby sticks, which I received from the Accessories Council Valentine’s Day picks. It was the first time I’ve tried chubby sticks, since before I preferred lip wands or regular lipsticks. I was wary that my clumsy self wouldn’t be able to apply correctly, without the precision a smaller application would offer. I have been proven wrong. And now, I am obsessed with how easy it is. That, and how long the color lasts for a long time.
During this winter, I’ve been playing with different lipsticks and lip tints. My natural lips are already slightly darker so sometimes it may seem like I am already wearing a shade, so lip tints are hard to show through. I found some beautiful colors from tarte – my favorite hues are pictured above. Lucky seems like a great everyday color. It’s versatile for a day at work or a night out, and goes with any outfit and skin tone. A matte finish, Moody, is a deeper, gorgeous shade of red. I’m always wishing I could wear darker shades more often! As for a vivacious pigment, True Love is my pick for days when you feel bolder and brighter.
I’ve always eyed Stila chubby sticks as well. These are definitely fun, especially if you’re an adventurous night owl. These after glow lip colors, pictured in a hot pink and in their Tangerine Dream shade. Both options change color once under a UV light – perfect opportunity to show them off at a night club or bar in the city. The hot pink comes from the Vivid Violet shade, and the Tangerine Dream turns into a more vibrant orange. I’ve had those black light nail polishes, and while it’s different than having something glow on your face versus your nails, I find the change so entertaining & definitely a conversation starter.

Lip tints are so useful in a way that you could re-wear them as cheek tints or to even add color for your eyes. (Of course, I wouldn’t recommend using the Stila ones for your cheeks unless you want them to literally glow). I also find that these chubby lip products are moisturizing for your lips and don’t dry them out, which is definitely ideal especially since it’s looking to be a much longer winter.

Which makeup product are your currently obsessed with?

Fitness Fridays: Yoga Style

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lately, I’ve been getting into yoga - on top of going to the gym 3 times a week. It’s a refreshing and relaxing change from cardio. It’s also convenient, since I have the option to do it at home. It’s been freezing cold outside in NYC (in the negatives!), and you almost don’t want to leave the warmth indoors. I admit, there have been times this winter, when I’ve chosen to stay in and cuddle up for a Netflix/Hulu binge.

Honestly, I’ve been wearing the same type of clothes I do for the gym – which are usually a looser fit for comfort. I definitely don’t want to be worrying about pulling up or pulling down & adjusting while I’m working out at the gym. Yoga is different though. In some positions, it’s much easier with clothes that fit closer to the body. Yoga pants are really the way to go.
Sweaty Betty
I’ve been looking for new yoga clothes and gear, and love these options. The Sweaty Betty harem pant is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. You can stretch and bend without feeling like you’re revealing too much. I also love the print of these leggings. They’re so fun, and they brighten your mood.
BKR, Happy Socks, Forever 21
Sometimes, I wear socks – depending where I am. Sweaty Betty has options for good grip. Happy Socks offers eclectic patterns and prints in various lengths that range from the ankle to knee highs.
Forever 21 is having a sale on t-shirts & tank tops, and I picked up a bunch since they’re perfect for layering, mixing, and matching. Shopping around SoHo, I noticed Aritzia has these super cute sports bras which are equally comfortable. The BKR water bottle is one of the newest trends I’ve spotted around. They’re glass bottles with silicone rubber casing, and come in fun colors. I personally have the one (the “London” bottle that’s gray with a white heart) for everyday, but I’ve been planning on getting another for a pop of color. And my yoga mat, pictured above, is actually from Target! It has great grip and comes in other hues and sizes.

What’s your work out style?


Tarot Reading

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, a stylist friend of mine, Jamie Salazar, invited me to visit the Michele Varian store in SoHo for a tarot card reading. It was a fun night, and the store offered amazing ceramics & art - I could browse for hours. Jamie was only doing the reading for 3 nights, and luckily I went early on the first night. I heard it was packed the next two nights!
She started by "sageing" me, burning sage around me for wisdom and clarity. I learned that tarot cards aren't about predicting the future, but bringing focus and channeling certain situations/feelings. I received these 4 cards: the moon, four pentagrams, swords, and temperance.
Overall, it was about needing balance in my life. Apparently, there is anxiety, stress, and feeling of being overwhelmed - which was true since it was a chaotic week at work. I was also told I needed to compromise on something, and I'm not sure what it be yet.

It was interesting for my first read. Since Jamie became so popular, the store asked her to come back once a week - so there's a possibility she might be able to give you a reading as well (if you're in the NYC area)!


One and Only

Monday, February 09, 2015

Last Friday night, it was one of those long work days, and I couldn't wait to hit my bed. I walked out of my office and was sweetly surprised by Andres with a rose & a note that said, "Will you be my Valentine?" Ha, after 6 years, I still love that he asks.

For Valentine's Day, I usually stick with something red or pink. I stumbled onto this gorgeous dress by Camille la Vie, and I instantly knew this is definitely my choice this year. It's SO me, with the color, v-neck, and beaded sequins. Camille la Vie is better known for their prom dresses and wedding gowns - (sorta wish I knew about this in high school!) - but they definitely have looks perfect for nights out on the town and other events.

 The skirt was so fun, I couldn't help but twirl around!

dress - Camille la Vie / jacket - Marc Jacobs / jewelry - Belcho / shoes - Ann Taylor

song title, One and Only - Joshua Radin

Denim Shopping

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hope everyone stayed safe and warm during this week’s blizzard. I left work early the first day (this past Monday), and even so, it took me about 3 hours to get home. Everyone seemed to have the same idea which led to an early afternoon rush hour. We had a NYC shut down, where public transportation stopped after 11PM and cars weren’t allowed on the roads then as well. Some say it was overrated, as we only received about 1 foot of snow in our area. However, I’m not complaining about the snow day we all got!

Anyway, I managed to get caught up on a bunch of TV & movies, and my pile of magazines. Being cooped up inside was the perfect opportunity to shop around online too. With the cold weather, all I’m wearing to work are jeans with additional leggings and tights. I thought it’d be best to look for an extra pair to make it through the winter.
pictured: NYDJ, Uniqlo, Adriano Goldschmied
I always get skinny jeans, just because they’re so easy to wear with anything – though, I did think about wide leg jeans with all of the 70s trends coming back. I remember loving the flared look, and had a favorite pair that I used to wear all the time in elementary school.

My favorite places to browse are: NYDJ, has slimming jeans with their exclusive lift tuck technology (perfect for getting away with snack binging & better than jeggings!); Uniqlo with their free hemming service – (so convenient for a petite person like me!) and so many fun colors; I adore Adriano Goldschmied distressed jeans; Express petite sizes usually fit me perfectly; J.Crew men’s has the alternative for the slouchy fit for a boyfriend jean literally as opposed to the jeans for women which might have a slimmer fit; Forever 21 has more affordable styles, and of course, love the Ann Taylor ones, that seem to last me for years.
pictured: J.Crew, Forever 21, Ann Taylor
FYI, my favorite tip for finding the right size is measuring the waist hem of the jeans folded, around your neck. You can tell if it’ll be too tight (if it doesn’t connect around your neck) or if it’ll be too loose (if there’s extra space around your neck). It’s such a time saver! 

What are your favorite types of jeans?

SAG Awards 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last night at the SAG Awards, the trends seemed to be white gowns, sparkly sequins, a mix of halter & off the shoulder dresses. 

However, my favorites were Lupita Nyong'o in Elie Saab (she always manages to wow the red carpet!), Sarah Hyland in custom Vera Wang (love the beaded bodice and the tulle - she looks so whimsical and age appropriate), Sofia Vergara in Donna Karan Atelier (adorable that she showed off her "love hand" on E!'s mani cam), and Reese Witherspoon in Giorgio Armani (she looks absolutely flawless).
Who were your favorites?

P.S. Congrats to Miss Colombia for winning Miss Universe!