Teas the Season

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I recently received the Teavana #TeasTheSeason Holiday gift set. It includes three seasonal tea blends as part of the Cheer and Revelry Collection Sampler: White Chocolate Peppermint (my personal favorite), CocoCaramel, Chocolate Chai, and Gingerbread.
It was such a lovely array of flavors and scents - definitely smells like the holidays as we near it! This would be the perfect gift as well, along with the matching Floral Holiday Infuser Mug. It comes with its own strain so it's great for simple brewing.
You can use code SECRETSALE for 20% off any order on Teavana! (Excludes Breville products, sale items, and subscriptions. Good until 11/12 (tomorrow!)

Lime & Vine

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I am all about comfort, so I'm loving the athleisure trend right now. In fact, I have been sneaking in athletic-wear in my wardrobe for years - when I attended college, throughout my internships, and to work. I do love being able to wear trendier styles to the gym as well. Lime & Vine offers gorgeous designs for weekend wear to everyday wear. They sent me the Shane in white.

A moto style pant with contrasting color and stitching details, makes it effortless to incorporate into a wardrobe while making a statement. These are incredibly comfortable, but with anything white, when worn it's a bit translucent. If you are ordering this in white, I would recommend getting a larger size so it's not as snug and skin wouldn't show as much, but as far as fit - it's definitely true to size. I also love the big pockets!

JORD Wood Watch

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I recently have been introduced to JORD, a company that offers gorgeous luxury wooden watches. They are all hand-crafted, using various hardwoods sourced from all over the world. They're sealed with natural oil extracts. It's amazing the creations they can make. For this post, the team at JORD sent me the Sidney in Maple & Rose Gold.

I'm impressed how light it feels, and I loved that they included additional links just in case. From my experience, I would have to go and get it re-adjusted with other watches. I have a small wrist, so the watch originally came in a little big for me. Sometimes I do like wearing it loose so I have kept it that way for now.

The watch comes in many other colors and wood options; there are styles for both men & women. Lately, I have not been wearing a lot of jewelry or accessories, but this has been on my wrist since I received it!

jacket - TSE / sweater & jeans - Forever 21 / boots - CAT Footwear / watch - JORD
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Paper Towns Scrapbooking Party

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This past weekend, I hosted a Paper Towns scrapbooking party with some friends and family. Thanks to Fox Entertainment, they sent over a ton of scrapbooking material including the scrapbook, paper, markers, glitter glue, stickers of all kinds, shaped scissors, and this double stick tape/glue adhesive in the same white-out applicator (which I am now obsessed with - where has this been all of my life?). The movie was also included in the box, which we all watched while crafting our masterpieces.

We each took a page and used photos that I have yet to store in my album, and a couple of guests even brought their own mementos.

We had so much fun putting it together - we each did a few pages. 

Don't forget - you can also watch Paper Towns, out on DVD/Blu-ray now!

Jack-o-Latern Blaze

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last weekend, Andres & I drove upstate to visit the annual Hudson Valley's Jack-o-Latern Blaze. Every year, they put on an amazing show of carved pumpkin installations. Tickets get sold out quickly, and I bought my tickets in early September & many of the time slots were already filled!
The team behind this incredible event, actually starts the carving as early as June. There seemed to be thousands and thousands of pumpkins and it definitely is a spectacular view. In this post features my favorites.

Paper Towns Road Trip

Monday, October 19, 2015

Last week, I was invited to go on a Paper Towns road trip! Paper Towns is based on the book by John Green. I, myself, have not had the chance to read it - but I was able to see the movie. Margo (played by Cara Delevingne) ends up disappearing, and Quentin (Margo's childhood friend & neighbor) goes on his own adventure to find her. She leaves clues behind & it takes Quentin and his friends on a road trip all the way to Agloe, NY (the Paper Town). Basically, it's a fake city/city off the map.
In reality, it's Roscoe, NY & there was only this tiny sign in one spot that announces it's Agloe. Nonetheless, it was a fun trip to see it. We started the day meeting in the city - had yummy road trip snacks & breakfast on the bus.

Best part? We had the opportunity to take the trip with Paper Town's own Justice Smith and Jaz Sinclair (plays Radar and Angela respectively in the movie). We were able to have one on one interviews with them on the bus while heading upstate.

Both were so sweet & so down-to-earth, it made it so comfortable to chat with them and hang out with them during the entire trip. I asked only a few questions (please note answers are all paraphrased, as I didn't record it like a formal interview):

What was your high school experience like?
Justice: It was a lot of group hopping. I wasn't that popular but I was friends with everyone. They were all really acquaintances.
Jaz: My high school was split into two buildings, and it was a big school but yeah, I was also friends with everyone in all groups.

Favorite moment while filming?
Jaz: There was scene where we are all dancing, and dancing with everyone in the moment - I remember looking around at everyone and thinking "wow, I made some really great friends". It was just being in that moment.
Justice: I liked just being able to come in everyday and working with everyone. It was all fun for me.  I would also play video games with the guys when we weren't filming.

Most rebellious thing you have done?
Jaz: Not exactly rebellious, but skipping college and moving to LA to pursue acting.
Justice: Similar to that - but my parents are musicians, and instead I went into acting. I am rapping now for the movie I'm in but acting is my first and foremost passion.

What are you going to be for Halloween?
Justice: A zombie. I'm a zombie every year.
Jaz: Hmm, maybe Harley Quinn.

We were lucky and had beautiful weather while there. A bit chilly, but perfect autumn notes. We stopped to have a quick picnic lunch then headed back to NYC. On the ride back, we watched the special features and deleted scenes - so fun! I'm now looking forward to going back and reading the book!

FYI, Paper Towns is out on Blu-Ray/DVD on October 20. Be sure to check it out!

CAT Footwear's Earthmovers

Friday, October 09, 2015

The other day, I attended the CAT Footwear Earthmovers event, co-hosted by the current Earthmovers and sponsored by Liberated Wines. Guests had the chance to view the beautiful Spring collection. The color palette was definitely a lot lighter and more vibrant than the autumnal collection. One of my favorites was the bright pink work boot (that also came in other variations with its own spectrum of pink).

During the event, there was a contest to find the next Earthmover. The grand prize is a paid #Earthmovers contract that will include cash, boots, a professional photoshoot, web feature, and being in Cat’s 2016 #Earthmovers campaign. Runner-up prizes also included gifts like Nordstrom gift cards, a whiskey prize pack from Kings County Distillery, and a 1-year subscription to SprezzaBox. To enter, you could take a picture with a written response or tell it to a camera. I decided to share my answer on camera - and now crossing my fingers!